JARVIS Terminology

Trying to get your head around some of the lingo used across JARVIS? Here is a list of key terms, if there is something not defined here, just pop it in a message in our chat on the bottom right and we'll add it to the list. 




The point at which a user has taken an action after exposure to a digital ad. Also known as leads, or conversions, the most common action would be a user entering their details on a lead capture page after clicking through on an ad. Keep Reading: Actions & eCPA


A creative which is still currently serving in a campaign, so long as the campaign is live. Keep Reading: View Active/Inactive/Closed Tabs

An ad call, or ad slot is a combination of targeting criteria embedded in a publishers webpage, which determines what ad can serve there.

Ad Call

The brand/company or agency who is running ads with a publisher.


The number of people that attended an event hosted at the stadium where the publisher is showing ads.


Available impressions are the remnant inventory based on a placements' targeting criteria, as well as how long it has left to serve. Keep Reading: View Available Impressions

Available impressions


Impressions given to an advertiser at a $0 value. Keep Reading: Impressions bar



The total dollar value which the campaign is aiming to deliver. 


A campaign is marketing effort by an advertiser which consists of a collection of targeting placements and creatives serving within defined criteria. Keep Reading: Campaign Details


This represents the number of days passed since the campaign started serving. Keep Reading: Campaign Progress Bar

Campaign Progress (Bar)

The count of when prospects click on your campaign on a publisher page. A click most often leads to a website visit.


A campaign or flight which has finished serving. Keep Reading: View Live/Complete Tabs


CPM stands for Cost per Mille (Thousand) and is a way to buy impressions by the thousand. Keep Reading: What are Digital Buy Types?


Each individual creative in a campaign includes metrics to show winning and underperforming impressions automatically with the 'Creative Preview' option.
 Keep Reading: Creative Preview in JARVIS

Creative Preview

The performance data for an advertisers creatives.

Creative Table

A piece of artwork and copy that is supplied to serve.



The CTR (Click Through Rate) represents the success of the impressions that you have purchased based upon the amount of impressions it takes to get a click. 


Refers to serving your ads throughout the course of the campaign schedule.
Keep Reading: Campaign Progress Bar



eCPA stands for Effective cost per Action. This is the calculation of how much it has cost to acquire the action. Keep Reading: Actions & eCPA


Effective cost per click - So this will be based upon the amount of clicks achieved against the budget delivered to date.


Export CSV

Download your raw data report to a CSV file. Keep Reading: How to Export CSV


These are each placement in a campaign, which encompass individual targeting criteria which determines where the ads can serve onsite. Keep Reading: Campaign Flights


Flight Filters

Flight filters will enable you to filter by multiple metrics including eCPA, Actions, CTR or even status. Keep Reading: Flight Filters



A metric in the digital advertising world used to measure load of a page on the publishers' site, and the ad slots embedded in it. Impressions are most commonly sold on a CPM basis.

Creative which has been stopped from serving within the flight.
Keep Reading: View Active/Inactive/Closed Tabs

Inactive (creative)


This is a page on an advertisers website, designed for users to register interest in the advertisers product, or a subscription. Here the user will enter actionable details such as name, phone number and email address.

LCP (Lead Capture Page)

An entity such as a campaign or flight, which is past the start date, prior to the end date and is still serving. Keep Reading: View Live/Complete Tabs



Out of Home Advertising

Advertising  focused on marketing to consumers when they are "on the go" in public spaces, in transit, waiting and or/in specific commercial locations. Examples include Billboards, Street, Roads, Highways, Transit and Alternative.


This refers to a software, often by a third party, which purchases remnant inventory on a publishers site and sells to advertisers at a discounted rate.


The company/business which serves the purchased ads. Examples of the types of publishers JARVIS serve include Digital, Out-Of-Home, Stadiums.



Remnant Inventory

The amount of forecasted impressions which is unable to be sold directly by the publisher, and is usually sold by a third party programmatically at a discounted rate.

                                                       Keep Reading: View Available Impressions



The salesperson, or account manager, is the direct publisher contact for the advertiser.


This refers to the length between the start and end date of a campaign.


When an advertiser has booked all impressions in an ad call for a period of time.
 Keep Reading: What are Digital Buy Types?


Advertising which is shown on screens during and between gameplay at a stadium event.

Stadium Advertising


The opportunity to purchase additional impressions for existing placements in your campaign. Keep Reading: Top Up your campaign with available inventory

Top Up