JARVIS for Stadiums

Creating automated efficiencies between Publishers and Advertisers, to help generate revenue opportunities through self-serve advertising across Stadiums. 


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Self Buy

Future remnant inventory can be offered to invited Advertisers at distressed rates maximising revenue per event throughout the season with the self buy function.


Post Event Analysis

Ensuring a campaign ran during a booked spot, JARVIS provides proof of post with aggregated delivery statistics and visual representation of asset delivery vs time.


You're in Control

Advertisers will have personalised access to JARVIS to view only their campaigns and the level of data granularity that the Publisher provides.


Actionable Insights

From high-level summarised statistics to site line item metrics, quickly discover winning campaigns and underperforming campaigns.

JARVIS empowers Stadium Publishers to maximise revenue of future advertisement placements by allowing invited Advertisers to self-buy and book advertising across events.

Campaign Dashboard

Easiest way to manage campaigns

With the JARVIS Events dashboard you will be on your way to discovering all post game data metrics an Advertiser needs in one report including high-level summarised statistics for each creative in a game.

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Event Data Visualisation

Visually Explore Data

We convert high level data of a seasons events into our visually dynamic chart to easily filter and view:

  • No. of Advertisers
  • Total Creatives
  • Spot Time
  • Share of Voice
  • Teams
  • Venue
  • Stadium Attendance
  • Each colour represents a brands core logo colour.


Event Reporting

Customise your reporting

View post game output from any game, with the power to manage who can see what in the reporting. All post game fields can be filtered to re-configure your results.

Choose the level of data granularity Advertisers will see!

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Future Events Booking

Plan ahead with Post Event Analysis

Get an entire list of a seasons sporting event in chronological order with aggregated delivery statistics including; Date, Time, Teams, Venue and Stadium attendance.


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