Signing Up
Getting Started
JARVIS will send you the initial sign-up email which will navigate you to the sign-up screen. Fill out the required fields including your mobile phone number.
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Signing Up
Multi-Factor Verification
You will receive an SMS providing you with a 6-digit code, please enter this into JARVIS and confirm.

You will be sent a welcome email, please log in through
My Campaigns
Once you log in to JARVIS you will see a list of the campaigns you have running on

Here you'll see top like details including campaign names, number of flights, overall CTR and total budget.
Campaign Dashboard
Each campaign displays Advertiser Name, Campaign Name, Salesperson and Campaign Schedule.

The campaign provides an overview of Clicks, CTR, Actions, Campaign Budget, Campaign Progress and Impressions Progress.
Flight Breakdown
Click on each Flight to see the breakdown of metrics per creative to include Impressions, Clicks, CTR and Actions.
View Format
Change Views
If you click on one of the following tabs; Clicks, CTR, eCPC, Actions, eCPA or Delivered Cost, this will reorder the flights in either highest or lowest order per item you selected.
Creative Metrics
Creative Metrics
To preview each individual advertisement with its performance data, simply expand the flight breakdown and click on a creative name to bring up the preview modal.
We are here to help
JARVIS provides you with ongoing in-App support, simply engage with the conversation box which you will find in the bottom right corner of the application.

If you have any questions about JARVIS or need some assistance speak directly to a JARVIS product specialist.