For Publishers

Our mission is to make it simple for Publishers to connect with their Advertisers to provide real-time, independently verified advertising metrics and self-serve functionality.


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Self Buy

Manage your own campaigns with the click of a button and "Top Up" or "End" campaigns.


Real Time

Get the full scope of your campaign results, with live reporting and real-time results.


You're in Control

Take full control over who can advertise on your website. JARVIS is an invite only system, where you decide which advertiser can buy ad placements with you.


Actionable Insights

From high-level summarised statistics to site line item metrics, quickly discover winning campaigns and underperforming campaigns.

JARVIS ingests campaign data in real-time enabling Advertisers to self-serve their advertising on a Publishers page with the Top-Up functionality.


Self-Serve Advertising for Digital

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Insights at a glance
  • Campaign Budget

  • Leads & Actions

  • Creative effectiveness

  • No. of Flights

  • Impressions booked

  • CTR (%)

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Self-Serve Stadium Advertising

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Full scope of every creative in a game
  • Stadium Attendance

  • Campaign Budget

  • Creative effectiveness

  • Share of Voice

  • Ad Placement

  • Total Game Duration

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Self-Serve Advertising Out-of-Home

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Data all in one report
  • Share of Voice (SOV)

  • Creative Mapping

  • No. of Sites

  • Site Locations

  • Campaign Rotations

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