JARVIS for Out-of-Home

Making it simple for Publishers to connect with Advertisers to provide real-time, independently verified advertising metrics and self-serve functionality.


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Self Buy

View and manage available and sold inventory to Advertisers with access to time based visualisation of available ad space to sell.


Real Time

Ingesting campaign data in real-time with full visibility of your campaign results, including SOV and Budget delivered in live reporting.


You're in Control

Advertisers will have personalised access to JARVIS to view only their campaigns and the level of data granularity that the Publisher provides.


Actionable Insights

From high-level summarised statistics to site line item metrics, quickly discover winning campaigns and underperforming campaigns.

JARVIS ingests Out-of-Home campaign data in real-time enabling Advertisers to book placements and self-buy outdoor advertising with the Publisher.

Out-of-Home Dashboard

Track campaigns from start to finish

Discover the progression of a campaign as soon as it goes live, from high-level summarised metrics based on location, all this data is being ingested in real-time.

Campaign Dashboard (OOH).png
Creative PreviewOut of Home.png

Creative Preview

See the big picture.

Easily spot winning and underperforming creatives in your campaign automatically, with JARVIS's creative preview feature.

Visualise and analyse the location of paid inventory across the network, with the ability to view Creative, Site Name, Campaign Name, Share of Voice and Budget.


Campaign Mapping

Visualise campaign

Map out the location of a campaign's placement, with JARVIS' bespoke mapping interface. Understand an Advertiser's strategy to assist in conversation with extending campaign placements.

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