JARVIS for Digital

The easiest way to connect Digital Publishers with Advertisers, providing everything you need from
real-time, independently verified advertising metrics and self-serve functionality.


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Self Buy

Manage your own campaigns with the click of a button and "Top Up" or "End" campaigns.


Real Time

Get the full scope of your campaign results, with live reporting and real-time results.


You're in Control

Take full control over who can advertise on your website. JARVIS is an invite only system, where you decide which advertiser can buy ad placements with you.


Actionable Insights

From high-level summarised statistics to site line item metrics, quickly discover winning campaigns and underperforming campaigns.

JARVIS ingests Digital campaign data and available impressions in real-time enabling Advertisers to self-serve advertising on a Publishers page with the Top Up functionality.

Campaign Dashboard

Track campaigns from start to finish

Discover the progression of a campaign as soon as it goes live, from high-level summarised metrics based on location, all this data is being ingested in real-time.

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Creative Preview

See the big picture.

Easily spot winning and underperforming creatives in your campaign automatically, with JARVIS's creative preview feature.

For each individual creative, discover No. of Clicks, CTR, No. of Actions (leads), Impressions served, eCPC, eCPA and Delivered Cost.


Top Up Campaigns

Self-buy your audience.

It's easy to buy and optimise ads on a Publisher's website with JARVIS' Top Up feature. Clients can self-buy available impressions on each campaign and we'll start serving ads on your page automatically.

You're in control. Never miss an opportunity to buy your audience!

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Get ready to self-serve advertising, your way.