Who is JARVIS?


Take a stroll down the streets of Cremorne, or as you’re about to know it, the trendiest suburb in Victoria. Where you think you’re in an ordinary industrial area, you may be surprised to know that this neighbourhood is quickly emerging as a buzzing hub of tech industry giants, boutique media agencies, and a hot spot of the finest coffee roasters.

Most importantly, it's also home to the warehouse converted office space where you’ll find the superhero team at JARVIS. Here, we are on a mission to bring publishers and advertisers closer than ever before, connecting them through shared data.

As they say, with great (amounts of) data comes great responsibility, and for us this responsibility lies in giving you the confidence to make data-driven decisions, and facilitate that process in the most efficient way.

But what do we do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We get this question a lot. Like, a lot. 

In the Mad Men-esk world of advertising, transparency has long been treated as an intangible concept. One of our goals is to prove that it can really exist, without compromising the integrity of the publisher/advertiser relationship. 

To achieve this, we work closely with our publishers across several mediums in digital, stadium and out of home. This can include processes such as accessing their digital API and pulling data directly from their server, or ingesting post-event results provided to us.

In the Mad Men-esk world of advertising, transparency has long been treated as an intangible concept.

The growing number of self-serve platforms in the industry is a niche which exists because advertisers want more control and we want to empower them as such. Through us you will have the freedom to do more with your campaigns, with full end to end process of self-serving your ads, from creating contracts with your publishers, to automated purchasing and optimising. 

Not only is our platform one which already collates live reporting, but we are working on taking campaign analysis and optimisation even further.  By analysing trends in campaign performance, we will be able to offer contextual recommendations of audience targeting which you may not have even considered, all supported by data.


The Experts, The Legends 

From Product Design, Development, Marketing, Analytics and Customer Support, our platform relies on these teams collaborating to create the best possible JARVIS experience for you. While we experts all love to have a laugh, dress up, and slay a game of ping pong, we never forget our mission.


Do we exist in the Marvel Universe?


Starting in jest, an offhand conversation about a director of an associate digital company led to the name JARVIS. The director in question is said to have owned the house of Tony Stark, as depicted in Iron Man, so our wisp of an idea had a code name. As time went on, and whether it be urban legend or not, so popular was the moniker that it became ingrained as our brand.

The name however is unquestionably apt, as just like in the marvel universe, we are Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.